South East Radio Business Matters with Karl Fitzpatrick

Our Commercial Director, Kieran McGrath, took time out to speak to Karl Fitzpatrick of South East Radio’s Business Matters – here is a transcript of their enlightening conversation: KF:  Arc Engineering have developed a new balcony product which they hope will take the Irish market by storm and Kieran McGrath from Arc Engineering joins me…

Perch SwiftFit Balconies - Kieran McGrath

Perch SwiftFit Balconies – Modular Offsite Manufactured Balconies

Perch SwiftFit Balconies Media Release August 2021   ARC Engineering, one of Ireland’s leading Architectural Engineering firms has unveiled their new streamlined process balcony product – Perch SwiftFit Balconies. With over 21 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing high spec architectural pieces, including balconies, for major development projects nationwide, the team at Arc Engineering recognised…