Arc Engineering is an engineering design & manufacturing company with an array of experience of designing & manufacturing bespoke products and value engineering for many industries.

The key to developing any successful solution and to efficient prototyping is a world class engineering design process.

We have the in-house expertise and technology to help clients develop optimal solutions in order to turn their concepts into working solutions.

Our team engages directly with our clients to understand, formulate and prototype potential solutions according to the clients’ requirements.

Once the design and prototype is accepted we then are able to scale the operation and manufacture according to these defined and agreed specifications.

This process involves discussion, drawing, modelling and refinement until the design is sufficiently good for a manufacturing plan to be developed and a prototype to be built.  The success of the prototype is largely dependent on this design process being followed and the interaction between our team and our client.

Our 3D CAD systems include modelling software that allows the client to visualise the product, to refine and make any necessary changes before incurring the cost of prototyping. This also reduces the time needed to move from concept through to manufacture.

Our wealth of experience and knowledge spans many industry sectors from construction products, Transport, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Export & Trade, Data Centres, to process manufacturing.