I have been asked to give a reference on “Arc Engineering” who we worked with on our Charlestown Residential Project in Finglas which consisted of 375no apartment units within 6 buildings and each building was 6 stories in height..

At the initial design development stage of the project I was introduced to Arc Engineering with whom our company had worked with previously. Arc Eng: came on board to work with our Design Team to produce a prototype of a glazed balcony that we could incorporate within a full-size precast room structure that incorporated an open balcony area.

The approach undertaken by Arc Eng; from design concept, to procurement and order placement was second to none. The installation of the balcony design consisted of galvanized units with a powered coated finish coupled with the procurement of a large quantity of glazed panels. Each of the various stages of the manufacturing and delivery process was well managed and the quality of the work produced was excellent and passed many a stringent QA/ QC audit.

The programme for the works was extremely tight and a lot depended on key subcontractors performing to set target dates. Arc Eng always kept to the required pace and at times performed better than expected. At no time was the quality of the install compromised.

I have no hesitation in saying that Arc Engineering are a great company to work with and I would highly recommend them to any potential employer as a company that delivers an all-round performance package from start to end.