Architect: Henry J Lyons

Engineer: CSEA

We designed, supplied and fitted the balustrades to 2 no. staircores on this project. One was a free standing glass balustrade with a continuous stainless steel cover plate to the fitted to the side of the concrete stairs all profiled cut to follow the rise & going of each step. The glass balustrade was complete with a stainless steel handrail. The other staircore has a solid plate act as the balustrade with localised posts to fix it to the concrete stairs. This was very challenging to ensure alignment of each panel. We also did the aluminium & powdercoated lift reveal flashing and these we also very challenging as they were powdercoated in a high spec metallic finish, great care had to be taken during the install to achieve the high spec finish required

  • Free standing glass balustrade with SS handrail
  • Solid mild steel plate balustrade with SS handrails
  • Powdercoated aluminium lift door surrounds